BC AHSN consists of three operational units that form the backbone of our organization. Together, we deliver a range of essential knowledge management services and supports that collectively enable Learning Health Systems in BC and strengthen our reach and impact.

The BC SUPPORT Unit is a multi-partner organization created to support, streamline and increase patient-oriented research throughout British Columbia.

Clinical Trials BC

We advance BC’s development as a world-class destination for clinical trials across our province’s hospitals, research institutions and communities.

Research Ethics BC

Research Ethics BC helps to support a learning health systems by streamlining the processes for ethical review of multijurisdictional research

Patient Stories

Our patients are part of a large community bringing a face and voice to health science and research. Visit the Our Stories page to read more inspiring stories.

Patients partners support COVID-19 research in BC

Involving patient and public voices in COVID-19 research ensures that our learnings about the pandemic are informed by, and in support of, the needs and priorities of British Columbians.

Learn how patients are supporting Engagement in COVID-19 research in BC.

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