Long-Term Care Quality Initiative

Framed in the model of a Learning Health System, the LTC-QI aims to connect evidence-based research and quality improvement to create innovation in clinical practice that improves the quality of life of residents, quality of work life of staff and experience of family members.  In doing so, the LTC-QI commits to the following four principles:

  1. Inclusive and collaborative engagement with residents, residents’ families, and LTC staff (especially health care assistants).
  2. Use of existing research and experience of residents, families, and staff of homes to inform practice.
  3. Consistent measurement and evaluation plans and practices for each initiative.
  4. Collaboration at a provincial level to help successful initiatives achieve spread and scale to homes across the LTC system.



The components of the LTC-QI are:

  • Regional Practice Leads (RPL): Each of the 5 health authorities have a designated LTC-QI lead to facilitate and support provincial and initiatives in all LTC homes with publicly-funded beds. Their role is to bring research evidence to practice, and improve quality measures through the engagement of residents, families and point-of-care staff.
  • Provincial LTC Network: Together with support from the Academic Health Science Network, the RPLs form a provincial group where best practices and ideas can be shared across health authorities (HA).
  • Provincial Evaluation Framework: This will enable LTC system-wide measurement, reporting, and evaluation to determine the impact and effectiveness of improvement efforts at the local, HA and provincial level.

With dedicated LTC-QI leads in each HA connected through a provincial network, there is the opportunity to promote collaborative partnerships, create connections within and across the LTC system in BC and leverage lessons learned from across the province to have the greatest impact on quality and innovation for the LTC sector.

The RPLs will work on a combination of Health-Authority-driven initiatives and Provincial Initiatives.


The LTC-QI Initiative is a collaborative partnership between the BC Academic Health Science Network, the Ministry of Health, the HAs, and the research and academic communities.  The scope includes all publicly-funded LTC beds in owned-and-operated and contracted LTC homes.


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    For information on data and evaluation, please contact Waqar Mughal.