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Every year, more than 1,100 emergency medicine practitioners look after over 2 million patients in 95 emergency departments in BC. From urban to remote settings, they strive to provide the best care for patients.

The sole purpose of the BC Emergency Medicine Network is to support stakeholders; it connects BC emergency practitioners with each other and with current, practical resources via four core programs. And these programs – Clinical Resources, Innovation, Continuing Professional Development, and Real-Time Support – integrate this support under one roof. In this way, the Network connects academics, policy makers, administrators, managers, and patients with front-line clinicians. The Network brings us together to ask and answer questions, share and improve resources, and robustly discuss the issues we face, ideally commenting, criticizing and contributing!


BC Emergency Medicine Network Combined



Exceptional emergency care. Everywhere.


Sharing, supporting and innovating to improve patient care


  • Provide real and sustainable system improvements to emergency care in all BC emergency departments
  • Create a vibrant and robust network for emergency practitioners, policymakers, provincial and local emergency care leaders, researchers, quality care experts, educators, and patients
  • Use expertise from across the province to effectively develop and share point-of-care clinical resources to support best practice and system solutions
  • Evaluate the Network and its initiatives continuously to improve Network functions
  • Promote development of more robust provincial emergency data


Check out the BC Emergency Medicine Network's website here: https://www.bcemergencynetwork.ca/


Learn more about the project on the BC Emergency Medicine Network's homepage.

We invite you to provide input and share your thoughts throughout the project. Please contact Lisa Dyck, Interim Network Manager with your feedback.