Listening to Patients and the Public


The BC COVID-19 Strategic Research Advisory Committee (SRAC) has been established to serve as a bridge between the Provincial Health Officer, government decision-makers and the health research community in BC in the specific area of COVID-19 research.

The Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR) is providing strategic support and serving as the secretariat of the SRAC committee. Further, MSFHR is providing funding through its COVID-19 Research Response Fund, which will support research questions arising through the pandemic. Partner organizations, including the BC Academic Health Science Network (BC AHSN), are leading key activities in support of the provincial research response to COVID-19.

SRAC has developed its first version of an adaptive research framework – the BC COVID-19 Strategic Research Framework: An Evolving Guide for Decision-makers and Researchers (Issue 1, April 2020). This is Issue 1, developed by SRAC with input from the Public Health Officer and Health Emergency Coordination Centre; Health Research Council of BC; Ministry of Health; and MSFHR. The Framework will evolve as the pandemic unfolds, and be based on additional input and feedback from a wide variety of provincial stakeholders, including patient and public, facilitated by BC AHSN.

BC AHSN, through one of its operating units, the BC SUPPORT Unit, is well placed to ensure that the voices of patients and the public can be heard effectively in the provincial COVID-19 research response. This page is an overview of the proposed plan that’s currently being developed to achieve this goal. More details will be available soon.

Overview of the plan

This plan is being developed by leadership of the BC SUPPORT Unit, in consultation with patient partners, BC-based researchers, and staff of the BC SUPPORT Unit, both those located in our regional centres and those from the Provincial Hub office in Vancouver.

The process in which patient and public voices will be heard effectively in the provincial COVID-19 response involves a two-pronged approach: