Supporting Engagement in COVID-19 Research in BC

Involving patient and public voices in COVID-19 research ensures that our learnings about the pandemic are informed by, and in support of, the needs and priorities of British Columbians.

To support patient engagement in COVID-19 research, the BC SUPPORT Unit has provided additional funding and support to 8 research teams funded by the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR) COVID-19 Rapid Response research award to ensure they can meaningfully engage with patient, family, public, or community partners in their research. 

Click on a project below to learn about it and how patients, family, public or community partners are supporting this research. The portal is best viewed on a desktop computer.

MSFHR developed the COVID-19 Research Response research award to support high-quality research to evaluate and inform BC’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  To find out more about these projects and other research projects they have funded see COVID-19 Rapid Response Project on the MSFHR website.

To learn more about what BC AHSN and our Units are doing to support COVID-19 research see the COVID-19 response page, or visit the BC AHSN Inventory of COVID-19 Research to learn about other COVID-19 research in BC. For a PDF version of the content on this web page, download Patient and Public engagement in COVID-19 Research