Patient-Centred Measurement


The Patient-Centred Measurement methods cluster aims to understand what matters most to patients by collecting information on their experiences and outcomes. Through collecting, reporting and incorporating these metrics into research and services, patients and families are able to have an impact on the quality of care that they receive.


Latest Updates

Methods Matters Webinar

Poster for the Methods Matters Webinar, "Advancing Patient-centred Measurement in Team-based Care", including someone looking at a phone with a blood pressure cuff, mood scale, and symptoms around their head.

Patients are often asked to complete surveys about their health and care preferences.

But, how can we meaningfully integrate these data into care?

In this webinar, team members Selena Davis and Marcy Antonio from the project, "Advancing the Science of Patient-Centred Measurement in Team-Based Care," will present new methods to encourage data sharing between patients and their care team—and, explore ways that this can make a patient’s care more patient-centred.

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Webinar: Comparing two PROMs: VR-12 & EQ-5D-5L

Poster for "Results of a side-by-side comparison of two generic PROMS: VR-12 and EQ-5D-5L"

Jae-Yung Kwon RN, PhD presented a webinar on the research he conducted during his post-doctoral fellowship, supervised by Methods Clusters lead Rick Sawatsky and advisor Lena Cuthbertson.

Dr. Kwon presents results of his comparative analysis of both PROMs using BC OPCM survey data, linked with administrative health data.

The learning objectives of this webinar are to:

  • Interpret different types of summary scores obtained from VR-12 and EQ-5D-5L data
  • Compare strengths and limitation of VR-12 and EQ-5D-5L summary scores for different purposes
  • Understand which PROM to select for different purposes

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Cluster Themes

  • Measurement that is patient driven
  • Giving 'voice' to patient, family caregiver, and community stories
  • Ensuring patients feel safe to provide feedback
  • Measurement tools that are individualized or tailored for diverse patients and populations
  • Methods for enhancing representation of marginalized, vulnerable, or hard-to-reach populations
  • Indigenous methodologies for Patient-Centred Measurement
  • Improving use of PCM data for research, clinical, evaluation and administrative purposes
  • Measuring journey across care
  • Developing and implementation of innovative technology for PCM
  • Integrating of patient-reported data with clinical and administrative data
  • Advancing methods for ensuring PCM accurately reflects what is important to patients

Projects in this Cluster

Lead | Rick Sawatsky


Dr. Sawatzky holds a Canada Research Chair in Person-Centred Outcomes at Trinity Western University (TWU) and is a professor in TWU’s School of Nursing. He is also Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO) Lead at the UBC Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences (CHEOS). His extensive research program focuses on the validation and use of person-centred health outcomes measures and quality of life assessment instruments. Dr. Sawatzky’s work has a strong emphasis on integrating a palliative approach to care for people who have chronic life-limiting illnesses, and he is currently developing and evaluating statistical methods for patient-reported outcomes measurement in diverse populations.

More information about Rick is available at the CHEOS website.

Advisor | Lena Cuthbertson


Lena Cuthbertson oversees the British Columbia (BC) Canada Office of Patient-Centred Measurement and leads the BC Ministry of Health’s strategy for measurement and reporting of patient-centred care. Since 1998 Lena has been a surveyor with Accreditation Canada. Lena held a Picker Institute USA Fellowship between 2004 and 2006, exploring experiences of loneliness, helplessness and boredom in residential care for frail seniors. Lena has supported patient-centred measurement initiatives of many organizations, including the BC Office of the Seniors Advocate, Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, Canadian Foundation for Health Improvement, Health Quality Ontario, Ontario Hospital Association, Canadian Institute for Health Information, Nuffield Trust, King’s Fund, National Voices UK, Picker Institute Europe, International Foundation for Integrated Care, and Bureau of Health Information, Australia.

Lena is passionate about translating data, especially patient self-reported data, into information; and information into action to improve the satisfaction, experiences and clinical outcomes for patients and their families.