Advancing the Science of Patient-Centred Measurement in Team-Based Care

Project Status: Active
Project Lead:  Francis Lau

Project Summary

Our study aims to develop new methods of including patient-generated data in a team-based care clinic. Examples of patient-generated data are measures that ask patients about their experience with their care teams, and about their quality of life.

We specifically looked at measures that focus on mental health. We explored new methods as to how this patient-generated data could be completed, accessed and used by patients and their care team.

Project Stages

  1. Stage 1: For our study, the patient’s care team included a doctor, nurse, social worker and medical office assistant. We created a set of scenarios to show how patient-generated data can support decisions with the care team. The scenarios were discussed with healthcare providers and patient partners to understand how to integrate patient-generated data into team-based clinic processes.
  2. Stage 2: Working with our industry partner and patient partners, we developed a patient-centred platform (i.e. portal) that was specific to our study. We worked with the providers and patient partners in selecting the measures for the portal. The portal contained two patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) for mental health (e.g., GAD-7, PHQ-9) and one for self-efficacy (PROMIS® self-efficacy), a patient-reported experience measures, and a depression self-action plan. We also incorporated over thirty articles on evidence-based mental health online resources, as well as information on local programs and services. Our patient partners selected the material, reviewed the articles, and tested the portal.
  3. Stage 3: Patients and providers used the portal for four months. We interviewed them over this time period to support further iterations of the portal to support integration of patient-generated data into team-based care. We asked patients and healthcare providers about how they could use these measures to improve communication during care visits, ongoing care.
  4. Stage 4: The data we have gathered is in the form of documents, interviews, healthcare provider team discussions, and scenario maps. We analyzed the data throughout the study. We are currently in the final stages of analysis and writing up the results.
  5. Stage 5: The final output will be in the form of an online guidance document that is accessible to patients, healthcare providers, quality improvement analysts, decision-makers, researchers and technical staff. The guide will provide information on how patient-generated data can be integrated into technologies that support ongoing team-based care.

Methods Matters Webinar: Highlights

What is Patient-Generated Data?

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Project Themes

  • Measurement that is patient driven
  • Developing and implementation of innovative technology for PCM