Meet the Methods Series: “What and who is Two-Spirit?” in Health Research

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What is Two-Spirit?

Two-Spirit is a term coined by Indigenous lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and/or non-heterosexual (LGBTQ+) leaders at the Third Annual Intertribal Native American/First Nations Gay and Lesbian Conference in Winnipeg in 1990Footnote1. Two-Spirit is a community organizing strategy or tool and a way to describe one’s self. It is a way to organize the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island who embody diverse sexualities, gender identities, roles and/or expressionsFootnote2. Two-Spirit is meant to facilitate Indigenous Peoples’ connections with Nation-specific expressions and roles of gender and sexual diversity. It is a way for Indigenous Peoples to reconnect with their traditional languages, ways and cultures within a pre-Colonial setting.