The Patient-Oriented Research Curriculum in Child Health (PORCCH)

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Patient-Oriented Research
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The Patient-Oriented Research Curriculum in Child Health (PORCCH) is a series of interactive, online modules designed to build knowledge and skills for authentic patient-oriented research in child health. The PORCCH modules will be of interest to patients and families, child health researchers, healthcare professionals, and trainees who want to know more about patient-oriented research. The development of each PORCCH module was co-led by a parent/caregiver and a researcher.

The modules were developed using validated teaching and design principles, such as Mayer’s principles of multimedia design, and further refined through usability testing involving a variety of stakeholders in child health research across Canada. All modules include interactive tools, video vignettes, assessment exercises, and links to additional resources for further learning. Although the focus of PORCCH is on patient-oriented research in child health, the principles and practical examples apply to patient-oriented research in general.

Funding for the development of PORCCH was provided by the Ontario SPOR SUPPORT Unit (OSSU), the Ontario Child Health Support Unit (OCHSU), and CHILD-BRIGHT. Funding for the evaluation of PORCCH was provided by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).