The Patient-Oriented Research (POR) Checklist

Evidence-Informed Practices and Strategies for Patient-Oriented Research (POR): A ‘Menu’ for Research Teams

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The purpose of this resource is to support research teams considering or moving into Patient-Oriented Research (POR) by offering a ‘menu’ of evidence-informed practices and strategies for effective engagement. The term ‘menu’ was selected to represent the flexibility that this resource has to offer and to move away from the prescriptive ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach of a checklist. 


This 2019 summer student project involved:

  1. Performing a brief literature review of the published and grey lit
  2. Meeting with the BC SUPPORT Unit’s patient engagement coordinators and lead, and other key informants, to collect their ideas and feedback
  3. Reviewing the BC SUPPORT Unit’s POR Pathways document
  4. Drafting a concise draft document with an appended reference list
  5. Discussing the draft with the provincial Patient Council and other key stakeholders
  6. Finalizing the document

The project was completed by BC SUPPORT Unit summer student Alex Kent. Alex is a PhD student at Simon Fraser University’s (SFU) Faculty of Health Sciences and currently holds a CIHR Doctoral Award. Alex completed her BA in Health and Community Services and Master of Public Health at the University of Victoria (UVic). Alex’s passion for patient-oriented research primarily stems from her work in the area of decolonizing/ anti-colonial health research. She has received advanced research training in Indigenous-led community-driven research through the Centre for Indigenous Research and Community-Led Engagement (CIRCLE), including mentorship from esteemed Indigenous scholars Dr. Charlotte Loppie and Dr. Jeff Reading. Her training is complemented by hands-on experience conducting research in partnership with Indigenous communities, health authorities and public health stakeholders.

Alex’s current research interests include health systems transformation, health governance, health equity, cultural safety, implementation research, decolonizing approaches and scholarship of teaching and learning. Her dissertation will employ implementation science theories and frameworks to explore the uptake and implementation of cultural safety training and anti-racism education in Master of Public Health curricula in BC.