POR Pathways Self-Assessment (BC SUPPORT Unit)

POR Competencies: the POR Pathways Project

The Patient-Oriented Research (POR) Pathways Project has focused on learning what competencies (defined as knowledgeskillsattitudes and attributes) are needed by individuals on POR research teams. Our project team conducted a full scoping review of peer-reviewed and grey literature to identify competencies for each stakeholder group as defined by CIHR -- patients, researchers, health care providers and health system decision-makers. We have developed self-assessment tools that guide patient partners and researchers to assess their readiness to engage in POR and to find online learning resources to acquire competencies. The literature revealed very few competencies for healthcare providers or decision-makers. We hope to have tools for these stakeholder groups in the future based on related work being done in Quebec.

Want to learn more about patient-oriented research?


Patient-Oriented Research Pathways Self-assessment Readiness Tool For Patients 


Patient-Oriented Research Pathways Self-assessment Readiness Tool For Researchers 

If you and your team elect to use the tools, please let us know. We’d be pleased to hear how they are being taken up by research teams and stakeholders!  

Resources related to this project

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  3. Cochrane Colloquium Presentation abstract, Edinburgh (Sep 2018)
  4. Webinar Recording and Slide deck (Oct 2018)