Decentralized Clinical Trials: The Way of the Future

Event Organization
Clinical Trials BC


This is the final session with the closing remarks for Life Sciences BC's Access to Innovation conference - Building on Excellence: A Vibrant Future for BC Life Sciences. The session is sponsored by the Michael Smith Health Research BC organization.

This session will introduce decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) and the complex issues, challenges, and opportunities they present particularly in the BC provincial context. Discussion areas of interest include how DCTs support the participation of rural, remote, and other harder to reach populations, facilitate involvement of a broader range of health care providers in clinical trials, and reduce costs and burden of clinical trial conduct.

Target audience: 

We invite multiple stakeholders including Qualified Investigators, clinical trial teams, the public, sponsors, life science community and supporting vendors and all those with curiosity and questions about the challenges and benefits of DCTs.

Learner Objectives:

  1. Familiarity with the definition and nomenclature associated with Decentralized Clinical Trial
  2. Identification of the key impacts of this design approach on planning, conduct, operations and compliance of both hybrid and full end to end remote decentralized and ‘siteless’ clinical trials
  3. Identification of the main risks and critical to quality factors associated with DCT’s

4. Knowledge for access to DCT associated resources and best practice examples for planning