Putting the Horse before the Cart: A Resource Guide about the Needs of Healthcare Providers for the Implementation of Patient-Centred Measurement Data in Care

Event Organization
Online (Zoom)
Bright and colourful poster for Methods Matters Webinar, "Putting the Horse Before the Cart, a resource guide about the needs of health care providers for the implementation of patient-centered measurement data in care." The promotional image on the left is a cart, labeled "implementing patient-centered measurement" and a horse, labeled "health care providers."

What are the experiences of healthcare providers in applying patient-centered measures in care? What can decision makers do to help? Our study developed a resource guide to answer these questions.

In this webinar, hear about our guide, as well as the providers’ barriers and facilitators to implementation we discovered along the way.

Presented by: Angela Wolff & Andrea Dresselhuis
Moderator: Rick Sawatzky