Reuters Events - Turn Purpose Into Practice: Embrace the New Infrastructure of Patient Centricity

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We’ve all heard plenty about why patient centricity is important. In fact, we’ve all heard plenty say that we’ve heard plenty about why it’s important! Now, over a decade and a game-changing pandemic down the line, one question stands out: Have the mutual gains for both pharma and patients been realized?

What’s clear is that establishing a new infrastructure – one that supports genuine, cross-functional patient-centric collaboration – has been critical to successfully championing the patient voice. With cultural transformation as its linchpin, leading companies have driven concrete results and vastly improved patient outcomes with patient-directed structures and processes. Yet many companies have yet to reach their patient-centricity goals from top to bottom.

That’s why Reuters Events has convened industry experts from Janssen, Merck KGaA, Mereo BioPharma Group, Noema Pharma and Clarivate to share how you can embed sustainable and measurable patient centricity in your team, regardless of company size and place in the value chain.

Join at 10am ET / 3pm BST/4pm CET on Tuesday 14th September to gain key learnings that enable you to implement a patient-centric approach from drug development to commercialization, including:

  • Understand common challenges of implementing a patient-focused culture across organizations riven with stubborn silos, diverse needs, and different perspectives on the innovation journey
  • Build in best practices and learn how successful life science companies are breaking through cultural, organizational and technological roadblocks to realize tangible benefits for their patients and fuel future innovation
  • Make patient centricity measurable by identifying KPIs and processes that can help companies benchmark progress and work continuously toward better hearing patients and answering their needs
  • Demonstrate the business case for investment in fostering a cross-functional patient centered culture – and understanding the costs of inaction at a time when partnering with patients is increasingly critical to success

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