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BC SUPPORT Unit Webinars

Get your research out!

Do you have a patient-oriented research project you’d like to share with others? The BC SUPPORT Unit offers research teams the opportunity to present a webinar on their projects.

We will provide:

  • the webconferencing platform (Zoom)
  • support for you in preparing for the webinar
  • webinar moderation, introducing you and managing the question and answer period
  • promotion of the webinar through our website, newsletter and social media
  • recording the webinar for the Unit’s YouTube channel, ensuring your project gets broad reach

Want to check to see if your project is patient-oriented? Refer to this handy guide: “How Patient Oriented is your Research?” 

If you’re interested in this opportunity, contact Belinda Jampoh and she’ll let you know if this is a good fit.

View all upcoming  webinars in our Learning Section.

BC SUPPORT Unit Webinars

As part of our Training and Capacity Development activities, the BC SUPPORT Unit has hosted the below webinars: