New service request process for SPOR-funded entities

Between June 1 and August 15, 2022, the BC SUPPORT Unit is offering a new annual service request process for SPOR-Funded Entities (SFE), including:

  • SPOR Networks*
  • SPOR National Entities* (e.g., SPOR Canadian Data Platform, Evidence Alliance, National Training Entity)
  • SUPPORT Units

*Please ensure only the Executive Director or Principal Investigator of the entity submits a service request. 

Please submit your service request online.  

Our experts can provide you with the tools, knowledge, and resources to support your research at any stage. 

Questions? Review our FAQ and process flow chart to understand how your request is managed.

You can also email

FAQ - SFE Service Request

Flow chart showing how SFE service requests are handled. Step 1, online submission. Step 2, initial review. Step 3, consultation. Step 4, patient-partner review. Step 5, service delivery. Step 6, monitoring.
SFE service request flow chart