BC Data Scout

BC Data Scout™, a collaborative effort between the BC Ministry of Health, the BC SUPPORT Unit, and Population Data BC, has been officially released to stakeholders in February 2018.

BC Data Scout™ is an online tool that gives health researchers a general idea about how many people in BC meet specific health characteristics or criteria. BC Data Scout searches the Ministry of Health data warehouse, counts people with certain characteristics and returns a general summary report with approximate numbers to the researcher.

This online service offers health care researchers a quick way of discovering if there’s enough information about people with certain health characteristics to support a research study, using just a single point of access.

BC Data Scout makes a difference in health care. Researchers can make sure there’s enough information available to determine if a research study is worth pursuing further, making their research applications stronger and giving them a better chance of securing future funding.

The service is important for patients because stronger research programs can lead to higher-quality research which is key to better health care - which means potential benefits for everyone.

Please spread the word; let health researchers in your networks know about this amazing new tool!

Access BC Data Scout™ here.

How to Use BC Data Scout

BC Data Scout FAQs