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Canada ranks 4th globally in the number of clinical trial sites. Given Canada's advantages, pharmaceutical companies and health & research institutions continue to make significant investments in Canadian clinical research.

COVID-19 Trials in Canada

See the listing of the COVID-19-related clinical trials currently listed on US-based

Life Science Sector Report

LifeSciences BC's 2020 report presents an overview of the life sciences sector and its ecosystem in British Columbia, including clinical trials.


REACH BC is a provincial online platform that connects British Columbians with health research opportunities, including to active clinical trials.



A provincial recruitment system (REACH BC) and established provincial-wide patient-oriented research infrastructure help you support meaningful patient engagement, reach recruitment goals and enable your patient-centric trial (BC SUPPORT Unit).


World-class clinical trial investigators and globally certified coordinators who conduct over 1300 trials every year.


Harmonized research ethics reviews of studies conducted in multiple geographic areas involving the resources, people, patients or data from more than one BC research institution (Research Ethics BC), internationally recognized guidance (TCPS2).


Provincial QMS and risk management programs support continuous quality improvement, promote regulatory compliance and foster a quality culture.


Clinical research hubs within each health region or research institute provide clinical trial infrastructure and support at the local level. They are connected and coordinated across the province.


Provincial CTMS infrastructure allows sites to manage complex studies effectively, support Multi-Regional Clinical Trials (MRCTs) and house electronic essential documents (TMF/ISF) for regulatory compliance.


BC is the most ethnically diverse province in Canada, represented by substantial South Asian, East Asian, European and Indigenous communities. 

More than 100 clinical trial sites across the province in hospital, outpatient and community settings.

Featured Profiles: 

Island Health

Our vision is to create a robust, self-sustaining health research community on and around Vancouver Island, playing an essential role in the delivery of health services, and improving health status and care for the populations we serve.

Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute

Healthier lives through discovery

Department of Evaluation and Research Services – Fraser Health

Fostering a culture of curiosity in a climate of spirited scientific inquiry

Providence Health Care Research Institute

Pursuing real life health solutions.


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