Ad-Hoc Reviewer Pool

To provide support to our network Research Ethics Boards (REBs), REBC has created a pool of ad-hoc reviewers to facilitate the streamlining of research in the province during the COVID-19 pandemic. Current or past REB members across BC have agreed to be ad-hoc reviewers if and when required. 

As per the Tri-Council Policy Statement 2 (2018) Chapter 6 article 6.5, ad hoc reviewers can be added to a review process if required:

Ad hoc advisors are consulted for a specific research ethics review and for the duration of that review. Should this occur regularly, the membership of the REB should be modified to ensure appropriate expertise on the REB. For example, in cases where ethics review of research on topics related to Indigenous peoples is regularly required, the REB membership should be modified to ensure that relevant and competent knowledge of and expertise in Indigenous cultures are captured within its regular membership. 

While ad hoc advisors may complement the REB through their experience, knowledge or expertise, their input is a form of consultation that may or may not be considered in the final decision of an REB. They are not REB members and, as such, do not necessarily have the knowledge and experience gained from reviewing research proposals as members. Ad hoc advisors should not be counted in the quorum for an REB, nor be allowed to vote on REB decisions.

FAQs for Ad-Hoc Reviewers

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Research Ethics BC would like to say a sincere thank you to the volunteer ad-hoc reviewers for providing their time and knowledge towards advancing research in the province!