Board of Record

The Board of Record (BoR) for a multi-jurisdictional study is decided based upon a discussion between the involved REBs, and taking into consideration the following elements:

  1. Location of majority of participants and/or study team;
  2. Which institution is best placed to mitigate risk to participants/data;
  3. The expertise of the involved REBs (for example: BCCA and cancer studies);
  4. Proportion of the study that is hospital-based and community-based; and
  5. Other unique factors that the participating boards agree are relevant.
These are guidelines only and participating REBs will use their best judgment to determine the BoR on a case-by-case basis and, where appropriate, in consultation with the Principal Investigator (PI).

Once the BoR has been confirmed, the BoR administrator will discuss and agree with the Principal Investigator on the most efficient way to submit the complete application to the BoR.

Upon receipt of the ethics application, the BoR will:

  • Confirm via email to the participating REBs that the ethics application has been received.
  • Provide the PI with a copy of the Partner Contacts for Operational Approval.