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Who We Are

Our Vision: A high‐performing health care system for all in which collective learnings drive continuous improvement.


BC AHSN was initiated by the BC Ministry of Health as a key enabler of a scientific and learning approach to continuous improvement and strategic transformation of BC’s health system. Its creation reflected a need to address a gap in the Province’s health research environment, particularly the need to better connect provincial health research to clinical practice.

As an independent provincial organization focused on creating collaborative partnerships and aligning priorities and resources, BC AHSN is creating an environment in which research and innovation are more readily translated, applied into clinical practice and policy, and evaluated for patient benefit and value.

BC AHSN connects and catalyzes the Province’s collective expertise and resources, bringing together patients, government, health authorities, academic institutions, professional groups and a host of organizations across BC’s research, health care, professional and educational sectors. The processes we are developing and the resources we bring will help BC attain measurable improvement in health and health care.

BC AHSN consists of three operational units that form the backbone of our organization: the BC SUPPORT Unit, Clinical Trials BC, and Research Ethics BC. Together, we deliver a range of essential knowledge management services and supports that collectively enable Learning Health Systems in BC and strengthen our reach and impact.

Our network is founded on strong connections and partnerships with diverse organizations and groups. Please see Our Partnerships page for more information.