Rewarding Success Award

March 3rd, 2018 Update: 

Congratulations to three BC teams who have been selected to advance to the "business case" phase (circled in red in the graphic above) of the Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Rewarding Success Initiative, launched by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). The selected teams are working on the following projects:

The Rewarding Success Initiative is designed to produce interventions that will result in cost savings and/or improved efficiencies in Canada’s health care system. The initiative is a multi-phased experimental funding model that is being piloted in BC, Alberta, Manitoba, and Newfoundland & Labrador.

This initiative is similar to other funding models that have been developed to support innovation and impact, such as risk sharing, social impact bonds, and innovation prizes.

In British Columbia, Rewarding Success will focus on the following priorities, identified by the provincial Ministry of Health:

  1. Coordinated primary and community care:
    • Complex medical care and/or supports for frail patients (including people living with dementia)
    • Complex mental health and/or substance use
  2. Improved access to surgical services (perioperative services)
  3. Consideration for accessibility of services in rural, remote, First Nations communities
  4. Innovative health technologies to facilitate patient-centered, team-based care, and to enable secure access to health care services and information

The main principle of Rewarding Success is that teams will identify and implement potential solutions to problems and priorities in health care that will enhance the experience of patients and healthcare providers while also:

  1. reducing low value health care (e.g. unnecessary diagnostic tests/ drugs),
  2. addressing health care inefficiencies (e.g. wait lists),
  3. reducing avoidable morbidity (e.g. stroke)

The Rewarding Success Initiative allows partners the possibility of benefiting from savings produced in the health care system.

Please note: Letters of support are not required for applications. As such, we will not be providing letters of support for Rewarding Success applicants.

Rewarding Success FAQs:

Who will be reviewing our Letters of Intent (LOIs)? Will this be the provincial Ministry of Health?

The BC SUPPORT Unit, working with the B.C. Ministry of Health, is currently (as of October 23rd, 2017) putting together the panel review team, with avoidance of conflict of interest as a high priority. We have asked Steven Lewis to be the review panel chair.