Our network’s success depends on bringing together many stakeholders from different sectors across the health system.

BC AHSN is a system integrator that links different parts of the health system to ensure that innovations to improve health outcomes are considered using proven methodology, and lead to large scale, sustainable transformational change across the Province. Throughout BC, multiple organizations are engaged in health research and actively working to improve health care delivery, health quality and patient outcomes.

We support and connect these partners and stakeholders to work together to achieve common goals aligned to BC health priorities, ultimately resulting in an improved health system and better health and well-being for BC citizens. The BC Government and BC Ministry of Health are our shareholders, and our partners and stakeholders include:

Patients, Public, Individuals Organizations

  • Patients
  • Families
  • Caregivers
  • Public
  • Health researchers
  • Clinicians and service providers
  • Policy makers
  • Other content experts