Megan O’Reilly (Castlegar)

Megan O’Reilly (Castlegar)
Patient Council
Advisory Council - BC SUPPORT Unit

Megan is a nursing student at Vancouver Island University and previously completed a degree in Rural Pre-Medicine at Selkirk College. In addition to being a patient partner on the BC SUPPORT Unit’s Patient Council, Megan is also a member of the Patient Voices Network’ Oversight and Advisory Committee.

Megan has a passion for bettering the healthcare system in rural communities and works with a Rural Citizens Perspective Group to achieve this. She also volunteers her time as a rural e-Mentor with Rural Education Action Plan and the University of British Columbia and has previously been a peer health mentor in Vancouver Island high schools.

“My goal of joining the council is to help address and break down barriers that prevent rural communities from being able to fully participate in patient-oriented research. By joining the council, I hope to gain insight into diverse ways patient-oriented research can be conducted and bring those ideas to my practice as a future nurse”, says Megan.