Rita Wiebe (Prince George)

Rita Wiebe (Prince George)
Patient Council

As a patient and family partner, Rita brings her many years of outreach, marketing and media relations to the table.  Rita joined Patient Voices Network close to ten years ago and remembers being thrilled about an emerging support system that actually advocated for patients to be accountable for their own health.  Rita has a special passion around overall health and wellness for the forty-five plus demographic.  She says that “these vehicles we call bodies have got to last many years”.  She is a strong advocate for integrative or preventative health, with the best time to start developing healthy habits being before acute health care needs develop.  She is inspired by citizen science in all its forms and grateful that governing bodies are becoming willing to incorporate real lived experience into the health care equation.  Rita has worked for various organizations in the for-profit and non-profit sector ranging from holistic health to industry in areas of marketing, advertising, media relations, fundraising, business to business sales, event management, life skill workshops and more.  Rita resides primarily in the northern region and occasionally in the interior of the province.