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Learning Health Systems

As the only organization of its kind in British Columbia, BC AHSN is leading the enabling of Learning Health Systems.

What’s a Learning Health System?

Learning Health Systems are systems in which “science, informatics, incentives, and culture are aligned for continuous improvement and innovation, with best practices seamlessly embedded in the delivery process and new knowledge captured as an integral by‐product of the delivery experience” (Institute of Medicine, 2015).

Learning Health Systems require vision, leadership and infrastructure to flourish. BC AHSN is working to develop key system components, including access to robust, comprehensive data and analytics; standardized approaches to timely measurement; supports for system and practice change; and stakeholder involvement.

How we’re enabling a Learning Health System

Working with our partnerships and stakeholders to support the diffusion of excellence in care, research, and education in the BC health system, BC AHSN is enabling Learning Health Systems through strong relationships and shared strategies and actions. See below for examples of how we’re enabling our provincial Learning Health System:

Strategies and Relevant Documents:

Evidence Briefs: